Brown Indian Paisley Silk Top - A Story of Failure and Redemption

Hey friends!

Let me tell you a story. It is a timeless tale of pride and humility, of lessons learned and sadness mended. Be warned, this story is not for the faint of heart - it is heavy with treasure, peril, sorrow, and redemption. 

Once there was a princess who loved to travel, who dreamed of seeing the far corners of the earth. This princess had loved India most particularly since she was a little girl, but alas - she had never had the means nor opportunity to travel there. One of her dearest friends, however, traveled to that exquisite land and brought her back a magical and wondrous gift - silk fabric in a brown paisley print that was soft and luxurious to the touch. 

Please excuse the tired eyes of the princess. 
Please excuse the tired eyes of the princess. 

The princess delighted in this gift, and stored it carefully away until the time was right to put this precious gift to use. In the meantime, the princess grew in her magical powers and in her training. She became overconfident, and decided that she no longer needed her trusty helpers - Pattern, Tape Measure, and Pins - and decided to concoct her spells on her own. And what better way to showcase her carefree and effortless talent to the world than by using this treasure gift from months before? She eagerly dove into the project. 

But something went terribly wrong. The fabric, once so sumptuous and decadent to the touch, turned slippery and fickle. Without her trusty helpers to guide her in taming the fabric, it became wild and rebellious. The princess whittled away at her precious gift until there was almost nothing left, and she turned away from the project bitterly in defeat, tears sparkling in her eyes. 

Months passed. Nothing could dull the shame of the princess' overzealous pride, but finally, she turned once again to her trusted friends - Pattern, Tape Measure, and Pins - asking for their help. In kindness, they eagerly agreed to help and the magical project once so destitute was salvaged into something recognizable through the humble work of the princess and the powerful, mystical work of her friends. Having learned her lesson, the princess never made the same mistake again. 


Or at least, that's how I'm hoping the story ends. Spoiler alert - I'm the princess in the story. After receiving that gorgeous paisley silk, I cut into it hoping to find a garment along the way, thinking that I was now 'advanced' enough to just cut into fabric without a plan. Well let me tell you, it does not work that way. Luckily, I learned my lesson in enough time to save the little bit I had left and make a lovely, flowy top out of it. I used my serger to even out the seams and the raw edges, which helped a lot to make the hems lie flat. Yay sergers!


I wore this out to dinner recently with my boyfriend, and really loved how it turned out. Especially in the heat we've been having this summer - ooof! It's nice to have something loose and forgiving. The hemline is even, I swear! It was fairly breezy when we were taking pictures, so it looks uneven in pictures. 


Moral of the story - don't ever think you've stopped learning. You probably haven't, and likely never will. Have a great weekend, friends!