Finished Project: Organic Black Bamboo Knit Dress

Hey friends, 

Got a quick finished project for you today. I've been feeling real under-the-weather with one of those crazy stomach bugs (which is the absolute worst in the summer, I might add), so blogging about a simple project is right up my alley today. 


This dress is one of my favorite summer dresses. It's made from an organic bamboo jersey knit from Mood that I bought during their Earth Week sale last year. I didn't buy a lot of it because, you know, student debt problems, so I wasn't sure initially what I wanted to do with it, and finally decided a simple dress would do. 

Le close-up. 
Le close-up. 

Fun fact: historically bamboo was only used for things like the ribs of corsets and bustles because of it's structure, advances in technology mean we can use it for a whole range of things - like swooshy knit dresses. Bamboo can be a great source of textiles for a few ecological reasons:

  1.  It's one of the fastest growing members of the grass family in the world (it can reach up to 35 meters and one Japanese species grows up to 1 meter per day).  
  2. Since it is a member of the grass family, it grows back after being cut, like mowing the lawn. This also slows deforestation and sequesters much more carbon dioxide than a young growth forest. 
  3. Bamboo is biodegradable, uses very little water (bamboo is twice as water-efficient as a tree), and reduces soil erosion where it is planted. 

So, I was of course more than happy to support this kind of material from a major fabric distributor like Mood. 


Aside from it's environmentally conscious properties, this fabric is sooooo soft and swooshy. The actual making of the dress took about hour, from cutting to finish, since a) it's such a simple pattern and b) because it's a knit I didn't have to worry about finishing the hem since it won't unravel. The pattern is a kimono sleeve top that I drew up years ago that I simply lengthened into a dress. I added the elastic waist, since the weight of the jersey needed a little extra support for the skirt. 


On this particular day, I wore the dress out on a Sunday brunch date with the boyfriend. Keeping it simple, as is the theme for the blog post. And there you have it! An environmentally conscious dress that was made with love (trying not to get sappy here, y'all). I'm off to drink more gingerale and drink some chicken soup. Have a lovely week, friends!

My sunglasses here are also made out of bamboo, btw ;-) 
My sunglasses here are also made out of bamboo, btw ;-)