Finished Project: White and Blue Striped Pattern Runway Sundress

Hey friends!

Happy post holiday weekend! Even though it's technically a shorter week, the days feel soooo looooong. I hope everyone had a lovely and relaxing long weekend, but I hear ya. Post-celebratory days are hard. 

Which is why I'm here, with another fun-filled finished project! I hope the beauty and style, grace and poise, exuded in this picture will help you sail through the rest of the week:


Today's project is a classic TNT (tried 'n true) sewing pattern for me. This is actually my second make of the actual pattern (I will be blogging about that soon), but I've used the top countless times and drafted my own skirt to go with it (here's a good example). 


I. Love. This. Dress. This pattern is one of those it-has-everything-I-want-in-a-dress kinda patterns. Pockets. Flattering neckline. Pockets. Comfy skirt. POCKETS. Such a fun dress for hot summer days.

The pattern is the Gathered Sundress from Pattern Runway. I found it years ago when I first started sewing and just fell in love with it. This is my best attempt to shamelessly copy the model's pose. When I saw this fabric, I knew it would make into the perfect copy-cat dress. 

Please note the epic stripe matching happening on the waist:
Please note the epic stripe matching happening on the waist:

There are some fit issues on the bodice - I should take half an inch out of the back pieces, and maybe a quarter-inch out of the front pieces, to take away some of the excess drag and fabric. But that's not too noticeable (I hope) and I can work that out for the next time I make a dress from this pattern. Because let's be honest. I'M GOING TO MAKE THIS PATTERN AGAIN. 


I wore it to a family barbecue on the 4th and then out to see the fire works over Lake Michigan in the evening. I have mixed feelings about celebrating Independence Day - a day that brought freedom for a select few, and left many, many more fighting for freedom up until this very day. But I do love fireworks and I do love family, so I can support those things. 

Have a wonderful week, friends! 

Obligatory fireworks photo
Obligatory fireworks photo