Finished: Self-Drafted White Cotton Voile Blouse

Oh, heyyy! Hey friends!

Sorry for my absence in the past few weeks. Right after the last post - BOOM! Work exploded. Not literally. That would be crazy. But there was just, like SO MUCH TO DO. It was insane.

Thankfully, the amount of work has slightly decreased, and I can see cleeaarrly now the RAIN is gone (please feel free to sing that song with me, out loud or in your head). So I finally have time for another blog post!

Which brings me to today's short and sweet, easy number:

White Cotton Voile Blouse

White Cotton Voile Blouse

This is a suuuuuper simple top that I made from a gorgeous cotton voile from Mood linked here (seriously, I can't say no to their stuff). It's somewhat see-through, so I lined it with a silver lining fabric I've had in my stash for ages.

I wanted a simple, Kimono sleeve top that was loose, breezy, and QUICK. There's nothing quite like drafting, cutting, constructing, and finishing a top in one evening. To acquire this self-drafted pattern (which I've reused several times now - if it ain't broke, don't fix it amirite?) I laid two shirts that I wanted to combine on the floor over some wax paper and traced, because why not?

My "Why not?" face

This top is so simple I won't even take any inside construction photos. Partly because it really doesn't need them (seriously, it's like two straight lines and that's it) and partly because the neckline and sleeves are cut with pinking shears, turned under and stitched. Not my prettiest construction, but it gets the job done and I don't mind it.

White Cotton Voile Blouse

White Cotton Voile Blouse

So there you have it! One of my easiest projects to date and I've loved wearing it this summer. Now to begin fall project planning! Do you have anything you're just itching to make for fall/winter?