Sunday Thoughts - Keep Getting Inspired

As I go along this journey towards embracing my inner creative, I've been thinking about how I used to interact with inspiration. Inspiration to me was like a robber - it came up from behind, hit me over the head, then ran away to possibly return at some random, unknown time. Not a very positive relationship. Lately, thanks to posts and videos from other creative people I admire (this post from The Fresh Exchange, this video from Kayley Melissa, and this TED talk from Elizabeth Gilbert have really helped illuminate this concept for me) my relationship with inspiration has been changing. I'm learning it's something I can cultivate. Instead of thinking, "Whelp, that one thing that inspired me for a while but now it doesn't, so I guess I'm not creative anymore," (seriously self??), I'm learning to keep looking for inspiration. I'm learning to cultivate sources of inspiration (blogs, Instagram, photos, Pinterest, etc) so that they keep giving me inspiration.

This creative life is not a stale one. It's full of nuances, ebbs, and flows. I can do something about being inspired. I don't have to wait for it to decide it likes me again. Like any relationship, I can put in the time and effort and get great rewards out of it.

My challenge is to keep being inspired. To not give up because the ideas are dry or the things that inspire me are changing. Move with the changes and find new, delightful ways of being inspired. Then instead of being a robber, inspiration will be more like a good friend.