Procrastination Day

It’s that time of year again. No, I don’t mean fall, or the holidays, or anything that resembles anything even remotely joyous. I’m talking about: FINALS.

Yes. The dreaded tests and papers that move like an iceberg through your life, slowly flattening and crushing it with soul-sucking destruction until there is nothing left.

Am I being too dramatic? Probably. But sometimes it’s just too much and you need a break. When that happens, I do what all sane, rational people do:

I buy fabric.


I’m excited to get my hands into some sewing again. It’s been a little busy around here lately, and I’ve missed my evenings of sewing with some chill jazz playing in the background and a glass of wine next to the sewing machine. Drinking wine while using fabric shears and sharp needles, isn’t that a terrible idea, you might say? Well, I guess I just like living dangerously.

I’ll post back as soon as I get some lovely shirts made out of this fabric. Until then, happy holidays!!