Caring for People

The life of faith calls us to care for others. People who work in the garment industry creating clothing for high-demand, high-turnover system often have low wages, poor working conditions, and little to no benefits.

Caring for the Earth

We are called to be stewards, caretakers of the land, not harm and destroy it. The chemicals and fibers often used to make clothing are harsh and polluting; clothing waste pollutes both land and waterways.


What You Can Do

Purchase less (but better quality) clothing and repair what you already have to make it last. Lay clothes out to dry rather than put them in the dryer. Advocate with companies and governments through social media and other channels for better practices and stricter regulations.

What Your Community Can Do

Host a clothing swap! Host a mending, sewing, knitting, crochet, etc. workshop. Use a curriculum for a Sunday school or weeknight class.